Sunday, April 19, 2009

LR Rider Sean Kimball Wins NSSA Jr. Championships

On Saturday April 18th, Sean Kimball rode the 6'3" LR Performance Tri-Fin (seen in post below) to Victory in the NSSA Jr. Championships. He came by the shaping bay right after his win with this Mega Trophy. 

The contest was held on the South side of the Huntington Beach Pier in smaller sized waves that require more of the riders skills and abilities to really rip. Sean rose to the occasion and gave the crowd and the judges a show of stylized performance surfing at it's best.

We at Laguna Republic want to extend a big 'CONGRATULATIONS' to Sean for his accomplishment. 

Some of you other Companies out there should take a hard look at this promising surfer for sponsorship opportunities.        

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